Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#56: hi!

So it's fun to come back to my lil corner for a moment. My closet corner :)
Lately it's been hard to get dressed since everyday at work I wear all black, all the time.  It's easy for work, but when it comes to time off... well all of the sudden I can't seem to formulate a simple, but unique ensemble to wear. Here are some things I thought were fun!

ps- love love love my new job and work.  Everyday is a new art piece and its just so fun and challenging to push myself and to create in a new way.  So I've also included some fun hair inspiration!

Ciao gals!


i need to have one of these bed desks built!

thanks to dreammessy, the desk is from IKEA, its the Malm Occasional Table!
fun hair color

haircut; classic and chic.


  1. Just by chance I went onto your lovely blog today. I was just going to look at old posts because I like your blog so much. I was so excited to see a new post. Please keep posting!!!It makes me feel like I can be a little in touch with your life from a far. MISS YOU!
    Love the hair ideas. SO HAPPY for you and your new work. It truly makes me happy to see you happy! K

  2. Yay! Glad your blogging again! :)