Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#55: thoughts and things

Love this chalk board wall...

So in order to give my little mind a break from the logical annoying bits that one has to deal with in life, I left my responsible internet chore work for something way more fun! Yes, Closet research :) Hope you find yourself taking a break too as you look at these few simple ideas.

Man... isn't this a cool little way to spice up the white blazer and worn in jean look?!  I wonder if there could be some non-tacky way to re-create this outer wear and make something similar without it looking home made?! Normally I would say tears/rips, on the back side, not to classy... but these... well... I like em!  Its probably b/c the jean is a looser fit, and light colored.  Hmmm... may need to think about making my own version somehow.

Emmanuelle Alt. I have blogged about this chic before... but saw this picture and was reminded about what amazing style she has!  So easy, chic, and simple... classic! But yet so "up-to-date" hip.  Love her!
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Yes, I had added her to my list... of style icon love...


Sketching his vision for spring~
Creative Director Simon Kneen of Banana Republic

what my brain feels like today.

reminding me to keep up the art side of life :)

ok... I know, I know... I keep finding and being drawn to spring and summer looks right now, instead of finding winter ideas for you and myself, but fashion designers are already doing their fall 2012 shows, so come on... It can't be such a bad idea right?!
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Very, "boyfriend meets loose cut off sexy denim shorts.
One could definitely get this look from almost any source...

ok... back to the chore stuff...
+ciao friends+