Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#53: I'm bringin...somthin back...woop!

Hi all!  I'm so happy to be writing on mi bloggity blog!  I've missed it!  And your sweet little notes!  I've been busy away at school and looovvveeeing it!

I haven't had much time to goodwill, or put together interesting compilations of clothes, (partly because all I can wear now is black, and partly because my brain is on other things, such as hair... I know...) But I still love finding little bits of inspiration and compilation ideas!! Even if I can't put them together myself at the time.

I'm craving spring time right now. Partly because its so bloody cold right now, and partly because, this is the time of year when I get really sick of covering up an outfit with as many layers as possible just so I feel as though I won't die by frost bite.

I love this little look... so much.  I can't wait to wear the little white skirt that I have, and find a little top like this.  Very simple and easy to put together, so long as you can find just the right pieces.  Thats what takes it from ordinary "gap" to fabulously simple and chic. Pinned Image

This little art piece reminds me of taking design or drawing class with one of my art professors during my undergrad.

This path makes me want to wear a straw fedora, sexy, low, white button up shirt and your best rolled up favorite pair of boyfriend jeans.  I know right?! Makes you want 78 degree weather!  

Always good.

+ciao friends+

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  1. you are back. I happened to come to your little blog just to see since I haven't for so long. I thought we might have lost you from blog world. I heard from Kandyce the weather is frightfully chilly there. I hope you keep warm. I have a yucky cold but hopefully the warm weather Rob and I are about to get to will change that. K