Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#52: school time


El Cairo (by i-nacho)


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So I've just started school yesterday!  Eeeek!  I little crazy... I'm not used to complete career changes and what it's supposed to feel like.  I am having so much fun already though!  I feel a bit old since most of the gals around me are around 18-19 years old, but there are a few that are around my ripe old age :)

Since I don't get internet at my home anymore, its to the cafe I go to get online, study and of course blab away on here!!

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This week is all about shampoo's, head massages, and haircuts!  I'll be cutting on hair tomorrow already!  Eeek! (again).  I am a little nervous, but only because everything is so new and it feels extremely strange to be back in school again.  But I'm loving it so far.  Wish me luck!
Until next time,

                                                                 +Ciao Friends+

ps- I think this girl has a super cute little pixie face, and love her hair on her.  I may have to try in on one of my mannequin girls:)

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