Saturday, December 31, 2011

#51: 2012

I thought this was a such an effective idea to use if you are into the resolution thing.  I don't like committing to too much when it comes to resolutions because I want to realistic and make sure if I do resolve to do something that I follow through with it.  So if I'm gonna say it (either in my mind or out loud) I choose few things/sometimes just one thing, and try to make realistic steps towards being aware of the goal frequently and working towards it.  Its nice to go have this tool though to go through the process.

                                        via simple lovely

                          Joy and Sora are almost here, the day and the last night of the year are going to be fantastic! Last night, spent in the company of some great people was a blast. Being here with Folu, even better. Happy Last Day of 2011!

Color Crush: Burgundy

I'm really intrigued by this color lately.  I like how I've seen in paired.


P.S. H&M has several great mod dresses right now! And of course very reasonable!

Happy New Year loves!! Hope you have a blast celebrating tonight!! or...if you are on the other side, Hope your Eve was spectacular!

                                                                     +ciao friends+

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  1. Instead of resolutions I'm setting goals for myself, which I believe will be much easier to stick with. Love that process!