Thursday, December 15, 2011

#39: Airport.

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So I'm actually sitting at the airport right now, on my way to CO, and writing about "airport clothes", as I like to call em.  This may be embarrassing to admit, (but I know names of others that share my thoughts) but I plan out my airport travel outfit... not necessarily to be comfy, although it does factor in, but more because its something different to dress for and also its nice when traveling alone, to pull out that piece of clothing you are a bit shy to wear around for the first time (like a new statement item that you aren't sure you can pull off/comfortable pulling off yet) and you want to see how you feel in it, around people you don't know.  So now that I look down at my airport outfit I realize I don't have any such statement piece on, but I did plan my outfit out.  I love Gwyneth, we know this... but also... doesn't she have great airport clothes!?!    This is the essential style I am always working on, so... of course when I found these pictures of her "airport clothes" I had to post about it... and pull inspiration from it for my next airport day.

Boarding soon...                                               +Ciao friends!!+


  1. oh, did you get my text that I am coming to visit. I wasn't sure...k

  2. I wore my pajamas back from Philly last week. :P

  3. Airport clothes? Hmm, that does make a bit of sense. When you're going solo on a flight, it can be a good opportunity to try things out. Lots of people come and go at the airport, after all. It can be a great source for unbiased opinions.

    -Ebony Annand