Monday, December 19, 2011

#46: Closet: +for the home+

 Kike Besada


(by ordinarycitizens)

One thing I love about decor, is that it is so similar to fashion. Its a an artwork and expression of one's self using the blank canvas given to them... wether a person may say that they don't call themselves artful, there is still always expression of one's self in these to mediums.  These are some of my inspirations as of now.  What are some of yours?  I would love to feature your expressions of self!  ps.  they don't have to be "pretty"... sometimes what we need or want to express isn't.

                    +Ciao friends+

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  1. Love and miss you. Merry Christmas!! Summer, my mom, Rob's mom Kristin, sierra and I are heading to Willits to go thrifting right now. Made me think of you. Not as good as Denver though. But you truly don't know with thrifting. Love u. Kimberly