Monday, December 19, 2011

#40: Early Christmas

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+So I've been on a bit of a breaking vacation to the wintery CO to be with my family for the holiday.  Its been so lovely being here and as always, when I arrive, my sweet family is so excited that I'm here that,  we rush off to do as many fun things as possible, XMAS shop and have dinners together, as soon as possible. Its a rush of excitement and I love it! I am also enjoying a bit of some down time, as I sit here with some hot tea and my keyboard.

+I picked out a few things that I gathered some inspiration from for the holiday... (I really wanted to post about all kinds of different thrifty little gifts for loved ones, but have such a hard time finding the things I would like to post for this topic...but there are a few more days until maybe I'll find some stuff for the last min. shoppers like myself)

+I have, all of the sudden, been enjoying bright red.  I even mentioned this random surprise to my friend Kimi on the phone last week'ish, how odd it is, because I never used to be drawn to the color... but well... like taste buds, our preferences can evolve from time to time I guess.  I love the simple grey/black jean, white crisp top and, oddly... the shoes!! The color is really what I love here.  Such a great little, simple, easy to be chic, Christmas day attire. (wanted to share the compilation idea). Also, one of the sweet little gifts my mom wanted to do with me was a spa day... we had our hair done, and manicures.  I chose bright poppy red.

+This painting is so fun to me, cause colors... yes, but the reason I was drawn in was the movement I felt when looking at it.  So much like twirling.

+The boots.  I've been on my black boot search for quite some time.  My mother must have know this and had a good idea of what I like... These were my xmas gift.  Leather so soft, and super comfy cozy... I may wear them everyday!

+I really liked the picture of all the people playing in the snow... The old school photo and the couple.  Cody gets here on Christmas day! So loving it when we are all together for xmas.  I hope it snows more while I'm here so we can play out in its fluffiness.  Remember... to BE PLAYFUL AND CHILDLIKE THIS HOLIDAY!

                                                              +Ciao friends+


  1. Where did you get those boots!!! I love them, and have been looking for boots for seriously years.

  2. Ha ha... Emily you can join the boot club. It seems these days it's hard to find a great pair of boots that are a great price too.
    Linds...say hello to your family. Enjoy the Christmas season. Happy Holidays!