Thursday, December 29, 2011

#50: classy easy ideas.

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I love finding little ideas, by around town observation and online inspection.  I walked around Denver today and through a couple thrifty stores.  Did not find what I was looking for, but thats ok. I always enjoy walking around and noticing what others are wearing in different locations and area cultures.  One thing that I see very often in Goodwills and thrift shops is camel color coats such as the one from the picture at top.  I love that this is, once again, easy and very attainable...from what I've noticed and learned by looking at styles such as these is, its really all about the unexpected details.  In both the first and second photo a common unexpected detail would be the shoes.  You've got very nice top pieces such as the coat and  blouses, mixed with sneakers.  The long time classic type of sneakers, in nuetral friendly colors. That kind of thing takes normal pieces and turns an ensemble into casual chic.  So fun I think.  I am also digging those 60's styled sunnies.  The round kind.  I think I will have a chance to head to h&m tomorrow.  I'm gonna see if I can find some good old stylish cheapies to add into my small collection.  Even though I love trying out new styles of glasses, I always seem to go back to my classic black rayban wayfarer.  I've worn them for 2 years now... I used to have lovely aviators like the one's above, but my guy sat on them by accident... he surprised me by buying me a new pair.  And even though they are a very different style I loved them immediately.  Anyhow, point is, its always fun to add in a new trendy pair, and this style seems to continue to come back.  Good indication if you ask me!  

           +Ciao friends+

ps.  I have to show part of the sweet gift my honey gave me for xmas... I was so thrilled and excited!!!

+14k gold oval earrings that I've wanted for quite sometime from my all time favorite jewelry designer Bario Neal... look them up!! Fabulous designs.

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...and they haven't left my little lobes since I received them :)

I get the rest of my gift when I get back to town... can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve!

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