Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#11: Bags

My bag that I found at my local thrift boutique, Door Number Two, Coach shoulder strap vintage bag. Wear it almost everyday.
Authentic <em>Vintage Coach</em> Black Shoulder Strap <em>Bag</em> 5130

I have to say... a good... I mean really good, bag is such a great thing to have in your closet.  I used to have several bags in my closet that were very mediocre and even though bags are one of my all time favorites I have come to discover that one or two quality bags in a closet are so much more than several mediocre bags.  Yes I know its nice to have options, but man... its been my experience that once you have even one truly great bag, you have no desire to use all the others in your closet.  So how do you do this on a budget. There are a couple of options.

1) find your fave and then look it up on ebay to see if its there... or amazon!
2) find a thrift boutique in your area and see whats hangin around there...
3) save in a money jar for a bit, and buy your all time fave.
4) buy on credit and pay as you wear.

All of these options may take a bit more effort and time, but sure worth it.

Here are some ideas that i have found and love.

Clair Vivier white 8" trop.  My friends Kimberly and Katie both have bags from this designer... and yes... they both have different pieces and they both are exceptionally beautiful!  Maybe one day I could be the owner of this white bag, or any other one of this lady's lovely hand crafted pieces.

Pinned ImagePhilip Lim

Boris Bidjan Saberi Leather Pouch Wallet. s/s 11 Boris Bidjan Saberi Leather Pouch Wallet. s/s 11
/ Scout & Catalogue
Scout and Catalogue

au revoir mon ami's :)


  1. loooove the clutch from scout and catalogue!

  2. I LOVE LOVE my Clair vivier bags. I feel super lucky to own them. One being a gift and the other was a bag I bought 3 years ago. I honestly told myself if I bought it I couldn't buy any other bag for 2-3 years. I really didn't want any other bags. Mine was cute, well made, and totally functional.

    Great advise dear. You are giving great tips. Because of your blog I am becoming open now to those Ugg boats you got too. I loved the look but am never open to a heals. Next step is to try them on. Then I will see if they are comfortable. Unfortunately I am all about comfort. I know you do I will give them a try.
    ciao blogger.

  3. Hey!! Am I the Katie you are talking about perhaps?! I LOVE my bag too! I love that tan and black bag you posted as well. I'm in love with black and tan these days. That channel bag is quite the find Linds! LOVE it. I need to make my way up to Walla Walla! Hope your Thanksgiving was grand! xoxo