Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#1: For the love of...


Starting off on a new foot... in other words a newly started and nominated blog in the inspiration of self expression, or in other words, fashion. Although the word fashion seems too ostentatious for me to start a blog about, so I'm calling in "self expression" because isn't that what it is anyhow?!  And then for some reason, it will exude more meaning to me.

On "Closet" I will post several things that I find unique, lovely, simple and something that is attainable to emulate, which was really one of the big reasons I created this "space".  I may also post muses of room decor that catch my eye and that I am considering for my own home.  I realize that reading a blog about another's life may not be that entertaining and I couldn't handle the thought of being or sounding self absorbed, so I will be posting more pictures, with some text.  "Closet" is a light and creative means for me, so no philosophical long reading.  Just something whimsy for the day.

I chose this picture, because I making new steps in my life, so yes, a metaphor... but also because I do really looovvveee shoes! They will be showing up here quite often.

Hope you can find some new idea's from here to use in your own closet!

Off I go.

Au revoir mon ami!

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  1. WOW!!!! The new blog looks great. I am already inspired. I love the font you choose for the name. I also like how you write so it's fun to see your photo's of fashion and what you have to say about it or just other things too. This blog seems more you. I also want to see you in it!!! I honestly thought Gwen was you until i realized it was a page on icons. Whoops. You are beautiful person inside and out. Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing.