Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend: sick finds

wanting these NOWblack

So, unfortunately I've been super busy and then got really sick the past couple days, and am laying on my couch trying to enjoy myself with some hot tea, and internet.  I found three photo's of some things that are lovely beautiful to me.

Looking into this room, just makes me feel good. Which is really nice for me at the moment... The lighting, the subtle contrast, and those windows! Those windows make everything better. So much more too... just look at all the little simple details.

In the dark: love the all black now... and I would love some leather like this.

Kandyce found these rings on Pinterest, unfortunately the original sight can not be found, and so don't know where to find these lovies.  Aren't they so... soo... you know... great!

Ok, I'm going back to bed.


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