Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#14: Sweater weather is sometimes better


LA BELLEZA DE LA VIDA REAL / LOMO - LEVI`S ® (by shyrevolution)

i fricking want thatttttttt


Ian Stevenson

Its the perfect fall day.  Ready to bring out and wear my new sweater finds from goodwill.  Two of which are almost identical to the two black ones you see here.  I may have lots to do today, but sunshine, crisp weather, coffee and breakfast... today is my day! I thought I'd post some sweater pictures to give you an idea for a day.  These kinds are the kind you can wear with almost everything!! Jeans, leggings, shorts with tights, skirts with tights, um... am I leaving anything out?! And I also just loved this gray one.  Hope I can find something like it soon :)
I just love fall people.  Have the best Tuesday ever.


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