Friday, October 7, 2011

WEEKEND: can you find these pieces in your closet for a relaxed look this weekend?!

clothes for weekend comfort

Weekend. Love this <3weekend

It's here!! Yay!  I love weekends.  I love wearing my favorite comfy things and jotting down town for a lazy coffee morning with my guy.  Even though it's important to be super comfy on the weekend... (and really, during the week too, in the appropriate kind of way) I still want feel put-together otherwise I kind of feel sloppy, and it can dampen my mood to sloppy. So I will try to find new pieces of weekend inspiration that you can, as well as myself, draw from for ideas at the beginning of the weekend each week.  You may have to add a new piece here and there, but for the most part these are some basics  found in your own closet that, put together in a different way, can give you a more "put-together" feeling for yourself.

I especially like the grey sweatshirt picture... it's the easiest to put together, and I love rolled up boyfriend jeans.  The shoes are great too, but there are several substitutes you could use.  The thing I like about the shoes, is that they add some unexpected funk to an otherwise ordinary look.  Top it off with simple hair, you could add some Bumble and Bumble beach spray to make it a little "messy"
bed-head look, and plain make-up with just mascara.  And WA-LA! You've got yourself a super fast and lovely weekend look!

Best Weekend ever mon ami's!


  1. what a good point about the shoes with the simple comfortable outfit.

    Will you share some of your idea's for cute boots for fall/winter?

  2. Ha! Funny you say that!! I already have one ready for Monday, about some boots..
    Wait till then and then you will see, my friend