Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#21: Getting cold

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HATIts starting to get cold here! I've been getting the chills more frequently, and need to start adding some essential layers... I love this huge scarf! Its like a blanket, and super snuggly which is always nice when in the morning you are getting ready for the day, and you've stepped out of your warm bed to the cooler air around, and you have to start getting to the day.  Well it seems the world is less menacing when you have something cuddly to warm up with, on those cold days.

Another great warm thing, that I am looking for (well, looking for the right one that is) is a floppy gray hat like this one.  Its kinda tight and kinda floppy, which is just the right combination, to me.  Hopefully I'll find one soon, so I can have another warmth addition!


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