Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#34: Don't you love it when that happens?!

Ok... so not in the spirit of talking about myself, I saw this picture and saw myself in it... ok well obviously not literally, I know I don't look anything like the person in this picture, but I saw myself in the sense of, yes... of course the color pallet, style of the clothes, her hair (he he, that one is a bit silly)... but more in the wall... the whiteness, subject matter, multiple pinnings/collection of pinnings...
Yesterday I was going through some of my files in my little file box, and found 3 different stuffed file folders full of random pinnings of things I loved or couldn't throw out, that inspired me at the time or still now.  I have multiple pinnings on my fridge, and on my wall in my room... they are actually everywhere... One thing I fight myself on is trying not to be so clutter'y, and have a clean and cleared living space... I'm constantly working and fighting with this... but yet... I can not get rid of the pinnings all over... and seem to hoard them over the years... I still have pinnings from my freshman year of college! Eek! But what I find is that they are like my own kind of journal and memory keepers through the years... that is why I hoard them.  They hold some emotional connection of what inspired me once or had feelings for or even the events in my life at the time.  It was interesting to find a bunch of my old clippings b/c it was like I was reading my old diary or something.  I remembered the time I had them pinned up, where I was at in life, what inspired me then and how its evolved to where I'm at now.  I loved looking through them and held them like they were some old heirloom.  I know, it sounds dramatic, but its kinda the truth.  Eek again...
So then... my point.  I am going to constantly work on keeping my living space clutter free, and clean (even though I'm not the most natural at it, it is very important to me) but totally embracing my own pinning mess.  If I keep it to minimal spaces, it should be ok... right?!

                                                                +Ciao friends+

p.s. if you have a little example of your own kind of hoarding memory keeping thing... please share!! don't keep me on my own ;)

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  1. Just leaving for California this morning, and during the packing process I went through my huge box of everything sentimental. Oh my word!!! Hah, I keep throwing it all in this massive box!