Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekend: inspiration for the days just around the corner

Wow, what a great little weekend traveler bag in black and the perfect little stylish outfit to go with it... love how its put together and layered and that its something you can re-create from the goodwill... well a fitted jacket in that style may be a challenge to find, and the jeans... and possibly the leather bag, but maybe you could get lucky and at least find the shoes and top bits! Also, don't forget to "shop" in your own closet too, when trying to recreate an outfit.  You can be surprised, if you have a specific goal/direction/look you are trying to emulate, and you look home first to find the pieces.  Layering... and compilation have a lot to do with how a piece of clothing looks on your body... What is helpful to me is finding some inspiration online or magazine and then taking the picture to your room (I put the picture on my bed beside my closet, so I don't get distracted and off tract... easy for me to do ;)) and off I go, to the most affordable clothing line available... this clothing line (officially named, my closet rod), although very limited, gives me free deals all the time! (Ok, I know... I'm a dork)

Also, love white linens.  There is something about them that feel so clean and refreshing.  Having that on a Sunday morning is so super nice too because, Saturday nights can be kinda late... :), and I tend to feel a little blah, or gross the next day. So yes... white linens make the new Sunday morning seem fresh and full of promise (being: coffee, and morning lounge or tv) for me.

Off to Fun Friday Afternoon! Ciao all!!

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