Sunday, November 20, 2011

#29: Reader Birthday

Its my friend, Kimi's birthday tomorrow.  Since I was able to stalk her a bit and track down a recent picture of her and a compilation of clothes she put together, I thought it perfect to post her on her birthday. She is always thinking of new and fun ways to put things together and just has a good eye for what looks good on her body, and with a budget too!  She also has a blog and whenever a loved one or friend has a birthday she writes these lovely little bits and pieces of words/memories along with a pretty little photo or photo clusters of that person.  So I thought it would be nice to return the thought for this creative, loving and faithful friend. Here is her comfy little outfit she posted of herself on her blog...

Below is a little message for her...

Pinned Image

Happy Birthday Lovely!

p.s.  I hope you have a spectacular day on the 21 of November and have a little fairy tale of your own.  Birthday's are one of the most special kinds of celebrations...To be thankful for everything one can experience up to this point in their life... and although we may get to that time, when we are freaking out that age has crept up on us faster than we expected, just think of all the little paths, trails, and blooms you've had up to the present point in your own journey of your own story you are making.  Its absolutely fabulous! Continue to grow strong, go out on a limb from time to time, and most of all give and receive love. Ciao darling.  Have an Italian type of loveliness today.

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  1. Hello dearest FrIeNd.
    Thank you for the loving post for my Nov. #21 Birthday! I had such a lovely weekend and actual day of celebration. I just wish close friends could live a little closer. It was sweet of you to return the favor and write a little special something for my day. You are a wonderful friend!
    Missing you and loving your creative blog!