Tuesday, November 8, 2011

#24:Goodwill Hunting


Let your look fray for a cool worn-in touch.
Photo: Courtney D’Alesio

I stopped by my local Goodwill and Door Number 2 today, without planning on roaming the 2nd hand isles, I just found myself walking through each door.  And Great finds! I found a scrumpshish huge scarf, kind of like those big blanket'y looking ones that look so warm and snuggly, a pair of fantastic brown ankle boots made in Brazil, and a fitted fur vest! Then at Door Number 2 found a pair of leather driving gloves. You know the cute short and feminine leather gloves you see now and then. Found an adorable black and white little jacket, but figured I had reached my limit.  Even though they were all bargins, little things do add up.  So I posted this picture of this super lovely jacket in honor of the one I left behind.

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This scarf reminds me of the one I found.

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Top Right,  looks just like the one I found.  Man...Goodwill is good! And hoping I can find another like in the bottom right corner too. Love.

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These look very very similar to the boots I found today, but ankle length.

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Ok. So the ones I found are very dark brown, without zipper, and also has some leather detail by wrist.  Oh, and are a bit shorter than these even. They are super unique, and would have to say that even though they are "just gloves" are probably the most valuable and best styled item that I found.  Got super lucky.  Found those at Door Number 2.

Love this painting. Once again totally inspires me.  Pretty soon my whole house will be full of paintings like this. Is that weird?

I have always had a thing for marble, just not the budget for it... found this cool piece of art. Makes me have warm feelings thinking of Cody, and well...its made of marble.

Off to bed my friends. Hope Tues. was great. Its almost Wed. which means its almost Thurs. which means its practically the weekend! Yay!

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