Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend: grey sweatshirt

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Grey sweatshirt. Flawless, simple make-up, and messy hair.  Perfect comf for the weekend.  And not so tight on the "after Thanks-giving belly".  Just make sure to add some contrast to the laid back style, with something sleek...a.k.a. your make-up... like in the top photo... it adds some "care" to it.  Or if not your make-up, fancy shoes, like in bottom photo... or if not fancy shoes... a leather jacket... you get the picture.  Just one put-together item mixed with the contrast of your weekend sweats can make a big difference in how you feel and look... to combine a balance of relax but not lazy. Although at the moment, i'm feeling a bit more on the lazy side ;) 

+Ciao friends and hope you are enjoying delish leftovers 
from the wonderfully warm and yummy holiday.+

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  1. I just bought a grey sweatshirt just like in the 2nd picture at Jcrew a couple weeks ago. I wear it all the time. So comfortable.