Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#30: walking finds at the good.

Yes, I went to my big G here in town.  The top picture I thought to be so artful and nice, so no, the shoes above are not mine.  Sadly.  But low and behold, the ones down below are mine.  I found these totally unique and unused cowhide booty shoes... those slipper/80's shoes I keep seeing around, ( I finally caved and decided I wanted to try this shoe style...I keep seeing them paired in such adorable ways) well found a couple of those, and one pair that is made in Italy! Its always so much more of a treasure when you see "made in italy" at goodwill.  Even though I know its not that uncommon... I feel that I'm wearing something that has been somewhere and has a little story.  

Counting down to Thanksgiving... Already feeling overwhelmed by thankfulness. 
love to all

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